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Hello my name is Lauren Grainger and im in my third year of university. Im studying Textiles & surface design which i really enjoy... I have recently just started my minor project and we had to write our own brief. My inspiration came from places i visited over the summer. It is abit eclectic and i basically started drawing anything i was attracted too. You will understand more when you see some pictures! I now specialise in card and gift, I relasied this last year when I done a live assignment with Tiger print. I love drawing to a small scale and this fits in nicely with the gift industry. I hope you like my work and I will keep you updated on my progress throught my final year :)

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

This is also one of my drawing sheets... I was really pleased with this one... I used tracing paper as my main background and worked onto using collage and paint, I like the textures the tracing paper created!

Beautiful Flowers! They always looks so nice painted out using water colours...

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