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Hello my name is Lauren Grainger and im in my third year of university. Im studying Textiles & surface design which i really enjoy... I have recently just started my minor project and we had to write our own brief. My inspiration came from places i visited over the summer. It is abit eclectic and i basically started drawing anything i was attracted too. You will understand more when you see some pictures! I now specialise in card and gift, I relasied this last year when I done a live assignment with Tiger print. I love drawing to a small scale and this fits in nicely with the gift industry. I hope you like my work and I will keep you updated on my progress throught my final year :)

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Here is a few more...
Christmas wonderland :)
My paper garland... took me ages and my fingers were not happy bunnys!

The Paper chritmas tree below was sooo cute... it has to be hung as it created a fat belly when I sat it on the table!

I hung all my decorations on twigs... ( I nearly killed myself pulling them off sebs tree)
However i think it showcased my decorations well.
These are my favourite!! My wreaths :)
I printed all my images and shapes and layered them on top of each other to create beautiful textured wreaths... they were all paper based and incorporated my luxury colour palette.

Here is my final display of my minor project... somehow it turned into being a christmas collection... scary at first but it eventually grew on me and I loved doing christmas!! I had to change my colour palette from my drawings, so i choose luxury purples and reds...
Overall i was extremely pleased with my final collections... and I loved how it all looked presented in my bay... enjoy!

I also produced another final collection... which was not christmas but gifts and cards for the female market... I produced stationary and printed wraps etc....
The majority of my final collections were both print and paper based, print has not always been my main area, however this project has proved me wrong and I was extremely pleased with my finals.
This is also one of my drawing sheets... I was really pleased with this one... I used tracing paper as my main background and worked onto using collage and paint, I like the textures the tracing paper created!

Beautiful Flowers! They always looks so nice painted out using water colours...

Minor Project

Sorry for the long delay in me actually doing anything to my blog... I have just figured out how to actually work the thing, thanks to my lovely friend sarah!

I thought I would put a few of my drawing sheets on from my minor project, which I handed in just before christmas!

These are my georgeous pears which I got from sebs pear tree... they laid on my desks for weeks before i eventually parted with them and they died on me!

This was a quick drawing exercise, where I had to draw my pears in minutes with various drawing techniques :)

This is another of my drawing sheets from the same project... bit more fun and colourful :)